Below, we offer a series of practical recommendations:

Trekking clothing and appropriate footwear for mountains, but which should not be too heavy

Do no overpack clothing or objects if you are not contracting the transport service

Start the stages early and arrive at your accommodation before nightfall

Take food and water on the route (such as the picnic offered by the accommodation establishments, for example)

Always be in possession of the route map and a mobile phone

Follow the white and red stripes, the arrows, boards and signs corresponding to the GR-283

Pay attention to the weather and rainfall, as these factors alter the conditions of the path: slippery path, mud, snow, fog, wind, heat, etc.

Keep an eye on the path to avoid falls and sprains. In the forests there will be quite a lot of mud and the high karst areas will have small loose rocks

Make the rest stops you need during the route, bearing in mind that you have all day to complete the stage

In addition to this, we would like to highlight that since it is a route that crosses two natural parks side by side, it is essential to comply with the Natural Parks regulations.

The climate, weather, temperature and humidity must also be taken into account. Our climate is Coastal Atlantic and there is plenty of rainfall. Given that we are in-land and at a considerable altitude, the temperatures are also more extreme. In summer temperatures can exceed 30ºC but in winter temperatures of 0ºC or below are not infrequent, particularly in the natural parks of Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz, where the altitude of the hiking paths is mostly between 700 and 1,200 metres.

The type of accommodation is highly varied. 4 hotels (in Aránzazu you must choose between the two we have available), 2 rural tourist accommodation establishments (agroturismos) and a "parketxe". Although they have facilities for hikers, we ask for a little effort with respect to cleaning.

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