In addition to the basic pack, the Idiazabal Cheese Route offers a series of complementary services to hikers, for all those who want to add an extra point of quality, comfort and/or security to the route.

Although we recommend the route as described in the "The Route" section, it can also be completed in the opposite direction.

Personal objects transport service: €15 per person per day, and €80 for the whole route. (If it is selected, all the members of the group must contract it. For groups of at least 4 or more people). Forget the weight of your rucksack and enjoy the Route with full freedom!

To feel more secure during the route you can take out an insurance policy for €10 per person per day.

You can also complete the route in the company of a qualified guide who knows every inch of the Idiazabal Cheese Route, its elements and all its secrets inside out. See price and availability.

We offer some evening excursions:

1) We take you From Etxegarate to Idiazabal: the excursion includes: return transport to Idiazabal + guided visit to the Cheese Interpretation Centre + cheese factory or entry to the local swimming pool.

2) On foot from Arantzazu to Gomiztegi, a small village and shepherd school. a) visit with cheese + wine tasting, b) option a + shepherd dog demonstration, or c) options a and b + culinary sampling. (Characteristics of the fullest option: 90 min. Price: €10/person. Groups smaller than 10 people: €100/group).

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